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Hydraulic Crawler Drilling Jumbo for Tunneling CMJ2-17

Crawler Drill Jumbo, Underground Tunneling Machinery, Tunneling Jumbo Drill

One of the most attractive features of the hydraulic crawler drilling jumbo for tunneling is its double-boom design that allows for a drilling cross section area of 17 square meters. The tunneling jumbo has two drive methods, single-power and dual power, giving it a wider range of efficiency and power options. Equipped with a hydraulic drilling system, the underground tunneling machinery is extremely reliable and durable, making it the preferred choice by many companies involved in the construction and drilling of mines, tunnels and more.

Outstanding Properties
1. The hydraulic system is highly resistant to jamming and increases the lifespan of the drill pipe.
2. A low-emission diesel engine ensures high fuel utilization and low pollution output.
3. This tunneling jumbo drill has flexible movement and is also suited for climbing slopes, thanks to its compact structure.

Technical Data of the Hydraulic Crawler Drilling Jumbo

Cross section 17
Boom number
Hole diameter mm φ43
Hole depth mm 2600
Min. turning radius mm 6000
Overall size, tramming mm 7900×1160×1750
Coverage area mm 2000×2000 - 5000×3500
Hydraulic jacks
Drill tool
B28 drill rod
Feeding force N 7000
Feeding speed mm/min 4000
Working pressure MPa 12-15
Rated power kw 55
Flushing water pressure MPa 0.6-1.2
Tramming speed m/min 30
Weight kg 8600
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