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Hydraulic Scaling Jumbo XMPYT71/325 (HT62)

Scaling Machine, Mine Scaler, Underground Scaling Vehicle

Scaling is a huge component in underground drilling operations and an ideal scaling machine provides high security, production and other economic benefits when utilized. This hydraulic scaling jumbo is the ideal machine mentioned previously. It is equipped with a high efficiency cylinder, hydraulic hammer and mechanical parallel moving device. The flexible operation and stability of the scaler makes it perfect for use in metal mines, underground tunnels and many other underground applications. The mine scaler is praised for its compact design, mobility, tight turning radius and grade ability.

1. Hydraulic hammer
2. Dust removal system
3. Rotary cylinder, with a rotary angle of ±90°
4. Rotary cylinder, Retractable boom, max height of 8,500mm
5. Adjustable roof, a largest increase by 700mm
6. Diesel-electric power system
7. Diesel engine
8. Pushing plate
9. Hydraulic pump

Main Components of the Underground Scaling Vehicle
1. Imported from South Korea, the hydraulic hammer is reliable and easy to maintain. The applied pilot valve employs different impacting frequency and impact energy in accordance with the stiffness of rock and the stability of coal mine.

2. The hydraulic system adopts an advanced load-sensitive system and utilizes imported components, allowing for stable and consistent performance. Meanwhile, the system is also outfitted with dozens of protective devices, such as temperature control equipment, liquid level meter, etc.

3. In order to decrease quivering and vibration when scaling, this hydraulic jumbo is outfitted with a highly rigid and strong scaling boom. In addition to this, all other booms are installed with overload protective valves, vastly increasing the safety of workers. The patented folding scaling boom, along with mechanical parallel moving device, greatly extends the working range and achieves easy operation and fast location. Both hydraulic hammer and rotary cylinder are imported, and equipped with pilot valves and balancing instruments, leading a more stable movement.

4. In the operation cab, a high-strength protective roof is applied to prevent accidents and injuries. While lifted to the maximum height, a good view can be achieved. In addition, when the roof is totally decreased, the height of whole jumbo is only 2,100mm, making it easy to walk in some low places.

5. An efficient dust remover is used.

Retractable support jack

Design drawing

  • Top view
  • Top view
  • Drill boom
  • Turning range


Technical Parameters

Overall size, tramming mm 8730×1650×2000(±50)
Overall size, working mm 12500×2150×2550(±50)
Turning radius (inner) mm 3810±50
Turning radius (outer) mm 5700±50
Wheel base mm 3200
Tread mm 1358
Min. ground clearance mm ≥280
Frame oscillation
Max. steering
Max. extending length
Max. scaling height
Hydraulic hammer swinging
up 85°,down 78°,R&L each 90°
Boom swinging
Hydraulic jacks
Gradeability ° 20°
Rated power kw 74/@2200
Output torque Nm 330/@1600
Weight Kg 9500±200

Attractive Features of Hydraulic Scaler
1. The hydraulic transmission system consists of a single-pump four-motor transmission, two main control valves and a gearbox. Each control valve controls two motors, achieving four-wheel drive. The inner turning radius is 3,500mm and outer turning radius is 5,500mm.
2. The scaling machine utilizes an EPA approved diesel engine, providing fast movement, reliable performance, and strong power.
3. The patented folding scaling boom, along with a mechanical parallel moving device, greatly extends the working range and achieves easy operation and fast location.
4. The hydraulic system makes use of an advanced loading sensor and imported hydraulic elements.
5. Auxiliary components include a retractable support jacks and adjustable roof.

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