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Hydraulic Drilling Jumbo for Tunneling CYTJ45 (HT81)

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The CYTJ45 (HT81) hydraulic drilling jumbo for tunneling is a powerful drilling rig with a hydraulic control system, strong boom and HC109 rock drill. The working efficiency and reliable performance of this tunneling jumbo is unparalleled by competitor equipment. The hydraulic jumbo drill is designed for application in small to medium-scale tunnels and mines, achieving a cross sectional area of 39 square meters.

Main Advantages of the Tunneling Jumbo
1. The hydraulic control system effectively prevents jamming and prolongs the service life of the drill pipe.
2. A low-emission diesel engine offers a high power output with great efficiency.
3. Easy, quick and precise drilling location is realized utilizing the heavy-duty boom.
4. The HC109 rock drill is used because it can break through a wide range of rocks. The equipped dual-damping system also extends the lifespan.

Technical Parameters of the Drill Jumbo

Coverage area 30
Cross section mm 3500×3500-6500×6000
Boom number
Hole diameter mm φ43-φ102
Hole depth mm 3300/3900
Drill rod length mm 3700/4305
Roof height (Min.) mm 2240
Turning radius (inner) mm 3650
Turning radius (outer) mm 5380
Tramming speed km/h >10
Rated power kw 55
Engine power kw 60
Overall size mm 11050×1850×2340 (2940)
Weight kg 12500 (±400)

Applications of the Tunneling Jumbo Drill
Indian construction sites

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