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Hydraulic Drilling Jumbo for Tunneling CYTJ45A (HT82)

Drill Machinery, Hydraulic Wheel Jumbo, Tunneling Jumbo Drill

This hydraulic drilling jumbo for tunneling is a single-boom hydraulic wheel jumbo that can carve through the earth with a cross sectional area of 16.8m2. The drill machinery’s combination of a hydraulic control system, high strength boom and powerful rock drill, makes the tunneling jumbo suitable for most small and medium sized tunneling and mining jobs.

Mining construction sites

Outstanding Features of the Tunneling Jumbo Drill
1. The hydraulic control system is resistant to jamming and increases the working life of the drill pipe.
2. A low-emission and high-performance diesel engine produces little pollution while providing significant power.
3. The heavy-duty single boom allows for precise drilling.
4. The installed rock driller is suitable for breaking through a wide range of rock types. The equipped dual-damping system also prolongs the service life of the driller.

Technical Data of the Hydraulic Wheel Jumbo

Coverage area 17
Cross section mm 2400×2400-5400×4800
Boom number
Hole diameter mm φ45
Hole depth mm 2700
Drill rod length mm 3050
HC50/109 (optional)
Roof height (Min.) mm 2100
Turning radius (inner) mm 2600
Turning radius (outer) mm 4500
Tramming speed km/h 8
Rated power kw 63
Engine power kw 55
Overall size mm 10100×1650×2100 (2800)
Weight kg 11000 (±400)
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