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CMJ14 Hydraulic Crawler Drilling Jumbo

CMJ14 hydraulic drilling jumbo is mainly used to drill blast holes for small to medium sized tunneling construction in coal mine and other underground engineering with cross section 4.2-14m2 . The drilling jumbo greatly improves working environment, and gets efficiency and quality development. Electricity power and twin power drilling jumbo are available for option.

Technical Parameters

Cross section 14
Boom number
Hole diameter mm φ43
Hole depth mm 2100
Min. turning radius mm 5600
Overall size, tramming mm 6510×1130×1870
Coverage area mm 3600×4250
Hydraulic jacks
Ground clearance mm 240
Drill tool
B28 drill rod
Feed length mm 3750
Feeding speed mm/min 8000
Impacting power kw 8.25
Flushing water pressure MPa 0.8-1.2
Machine power kw 37
Weight kg 6500
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