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Compact Crawler Excavator MWY6/0.3

Mini-excavator, Compact Excavator, Mini-backhoe

Design drawing

1. Bucket
2. Dozer blade (MWY6/0.3)
3. Slewing platform
4. Hydraulic system

5. Base plate
6. Engine cover
7. Roof
8. Electrical system

The compact crawler excavators are scaled-down versions of the large excavators you often see on many construction sites. The mini-excavator is intended for underground construction and mineral exploration projects. This construction equipment is noted for its small size but its electric hydraulic system is powerful yet extremely efficient and quiet. The machine can be used along with the vertical shaft drill rig to achieve a faster drilling speed and minimizing construction times. You will often find these excavators in vertical shafts, slope mines (with gradients less than 14°) and drift mines, for rock collecting, mining waste removal and digging through frozen earth.

Configurations of Mini-Excavator
Slewing Platform

In the slewing platform of compact crawler excavator, a welded structure provides high rigidness. The bottom of the platform is connected with the base plate through a slewing bearing. In the middle, there is a robotic arm and slewing reducer, which with the slewing bearing composes a slewing system. On the right of the slewing platform, hydraulic oil tank and main valve are installed. On the left is operating cap, equipped with a comfortable seat, a protective roof and pilot valves.

1. Hydraulic cylinder
2. Pilot valve
3. Slewing bearing
4. Chair

5. Slewing reducer
6 .Main valve
7. Oil pump and motor components
8. Oil cooler

Walking System
The whole walking system consists of crawlers, base plate, walking drive device and crawler stretching device. That’s why the excavator shows a good capacity in climbing slope and turning sharply, as well as enjoys low ground pressure and stable walking. The installed two crawlers are independently driven by two driving devices, able to freely walk, swerve, rotate and more.

1. Idler wheel
2. Thrust wheel
3. Crawler stretching device
4. Crawler

5. Sprocket
6. Base plate
7. Driving wheel
8. Walking reducer

Robot Arm
This device is mainly applied for digging, lifting, discharging and more.

1. Bucket
2. Connecting Rod
3. Bucket cylinder
4. Arm

5. Arm cylinder
6. Pin shaft
7. Boom
8. Boom cylinder

Hydraulic System
Main parts include main oil pump, gear pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, main valve, pilot valve, oil filter, cooler and oil tank.

Dynamic System
The explosion-proof motor distributes electrical power of 37 KW to each device of this excavator and ensures a normal and highly efficient running.

1. Motor
2. Connecting area
3. Coupling

4. Main pump
5. Auxiliary pump

Electrical System
The compact crawler excavator is outfitted with a vacuum electromagnetic starter, which is most often used to control and protect the main motor. Not only that, the excavator also makes use of an integrated protective device, which prevents the lighting system and bell from short circuits and electric leakage.

Excavators at construction sites

Technical Parameters

Standard bucket capacity 0.3
Max. digging height mm ≥5000
Max. dumping height mm ≥3300
Max. digging depth mm ≥2100
Max. digging radius mm ≥4800
Max. vertical wall digging depth mm ≥2100
Max. digging force(bucket) kN ≥40
Rotating speed r/min ≥10
Traveling speed km/h ≥1.6
Max. traction kN 50
Average ground pressure kg/cm² 0.44
Rated power Kw 37
Overall size, traveling mm 4600×2100×2400
Min. turning radius, front part mm ≤1300
Turning radius, rear part mm 1100
Weight Kg 6300

Working range of Huatai excavator

Attractive Features
1. In comparison to manual cleanup operations, the excavator greatly reduces labor costs, raises working efficiency and improves the working environment.
2. A protective roof is installed to protect the operator from the elements as well as from worksite debris.
3. Compared to traditional diesel excavators, this machine is manufactured with a hydraulic system with minimal noise and pollution, making it suitable for underground applications.
4. A compact structure allows for easy transportation of the excavator in vertical shafts.
5. This excavator is an ideal choice for working in narrow tunnels.
6. The application of the pilot valve ensures stable and simple operation.

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