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Hydraulic Drilling Jumbo for Tunneling CYTJ45B (HT83)

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The HT83 hydraulic drilling jumbo for tunneling features an advanced hydraulic drilling system that boasts outstanding jamming resistance, fast drilling speeds and incredible working efficiency. The hydraulic jumbo drill also features a compact structure with flexibile movement that opens up many different options during drilling operations.

This piece of tunneling equipment is commonly found in metal mines and other construction sites, particularly those involving narrow tunnels. According to client feedback, the hydraulic wheel jumbo works extremely well with the hydraulic rock drill and helps complete drilling operations with amazing speed.

Configurations of Drill Jumbo
As for tunnel boring, a highly efficient rock drilling machine works greatly with the hydraulic wheel jumbo. The rock drill complies with the requirements of large-scale underground products.

The hydraulic control system ensures outstanding, stable transmission for the entire tunneling machine.

In this tunneling device, the boom realizes accurate and quick location, along with the parallel movement device and slewing cylinder.

The propelling arm possesses a Double-layer design and is covered with stainless steel, allowing for high strength and good protection.

In consideration of security, the drill jumbo is mounted with a protective roof and rigid housing. The entire protective system provides a strong guarantee to the operator.

Besides these above mentioned components, there are also some other functional parts, such as, air compressor, water pump, electrical system, motor, to name a few.

Major Advantages of the Hydraulic Drilling Jumbo
1. This drilling jumbo achieves reliable and stable performance by utilizing superior quality elements, like the multi-tandem valve, hydraulic pump, spool and so forth.
2. In order for a high degree of security, a sophisticated protective device is installed, automatically shutting down the drill when no resistance is met with the drill face. Additionally, this machine is also resistant to jamming and able to regulate its pressure application according to the hardness of the rock.
3. A modular structure simplifies installation and maintenance.

  • Slewing cylinder
  • Hydraulic system

Design drawing



Technical Data of the Drilling Jumbo

Cross section mm 2200×2200~3000×3000
Rated voltage
Main electric motor power kw 37
Hole depth mm 2600
Hole diameter mm φ43-φ76
Drill rod length mm 2975
Boom lifting
+50° -30°
Boom swinging
Feed length mm 4030
Feed compensation mm 1500
Feed roll-over
Ground clearance mm 275
Tramming speed km/h 4.6
Turning radius mm inner 2500, outer 5500
Overall size mm 8500×1500×1800
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