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Hydraulic Production Drilling Jumbo for Mining CYTC70 (HT72)

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Different from the CYTC76 (HT71) hydraulic production drilling jumbo for mining, this production jumbo drill features a drilling depth of 25m and a drilling diameter of 51-76mm. It is useful for small-size mines with its tunnel boring size range of 3. 5m*3.5m to 4.5m*4.5m. The hydraulic production drill meets special mining positioning requirements due to its high degree of mechanization and efficient operation. The equipment is fitted with a HC109RP rock drill to achieve incredible continuous drilling for extended lengths of time without overheating or damage to components. This type of underground equipment is an ideal choice for mining operations that utilize sub-level caving methods.

Major Strengths of the Hydraulic Production Drill
1. A high-torque motor and a high-efficiency rock drill work in tandem to create deep, straight holes.
2. The locating system of this drill is electronically controlled while the rock drill and anti-jamming system are both PLC controlled for an incredible amount of precision.
3. Equipped with a dual-buffering system, the rock drill is suitable for drilling many kinds of rocks.

Detailed Data of the Mining Jumbo

Cross section mm 3500×3500~4500×4500
Hole diameter mm φ70
Hole depth m 30
Drill rod length mm 1000
Supply voltage V 380
Rated power Kw 55
Installed capacity Kw 62
Impact power Kw 24
Impact frequency Hz 57
Rotation speed rpm 110-220
Tramming height mm 2100
Height, roof up mm 2800
Min. turning radius (outer) mm 5600
Gradeability ° 14
Feeding force kN <13
Overall size (L×W×H) mm 8250×1650×2100(2800)
Weight kg 11500
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