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Hydraulic Bolting Jumbo for Mining CYTM41/2

Hydraulic Bolting Jumbo, Bolting Rig

This hydraulic bolting jumbo was designed to feature a compact structure, with a rock bolt of 1.5-2m long and an effective working height of 2.8-6.2m. The bolting jumbo is equipped with an imported rock drill, perfect for nearly any mining exploration job and rock bolting for complicated wall rocks and badly damaged rock formations.

Attractive Features
1. The bolting rig employs a Montebel HC25 rock drill for its greater boring efficiency and minimal wear on the drilling pipe.
2. A short beam ensures simple operation of the hydraulic bolting rig in narrow tunnels and mines.
3. The installed rotary cylinder has a modular design and compact structure, simplifying installation and maintenance efforts.

Technical Data of Bolting Rig

Cross section mm 3000×3000~4800×4800 (17m²)
Hole diameter mm φ41
Hole depth mm 1800/1950/2150
Bolt length mm 1500/1800/2000
Drill rod length mm 2175/2475 (optional)
Impact power Kw 9.75
Impact frequency Hz 65
Impact pressure bar ≤16
Rotating speed rpm 210
Rotating torque Nm 320
Feed compensation mm 560
Feed stroke, once mm 1820/1980/2150
Feeding force kN 15
Boom tilting ° +50°,-30°
Feed roll-over ° ±180°
Feed swinging ° 90°
Feed tilting ° +80°,-25°
Overall size mm 9440×1650×2100(±50)
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