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Hydraulic Bolting Jumbo for Coal Mine CMM2-33

Bolting Rig, Construction Machinery, Mining Drilling Instrument

This hydraulic bolting jumbo for coal mining is used in conjunction with other drilling machines to support work in tunnels and mining operations. This machinery is a great improvement over current tunneling drilling and support techniques in coal mine sites. The bolting rig can deal with coal and rocks with a rigidity of f3-8 and slopes with a gradient of ±14°. It can achieve a supportive width of 3.5-5.5m and a supportive height of 3.5-4.5m.

Main Parts of the Bolting Jumbo

HYG-220/360S slewing device is applied.

Noted for all-round anchoring, this guide rail features a flip angle of ±90° at horizontal positioning and ±180° in vertical position.

The temporary support frame provides good protection to the operator.

As for the drill arm, it provides an angle of elevation of 42°, swing angle of 45° and a working height of 4.5-5.5m.

The working platform can unfold to 90°, eliminating dead angles.

In order to suit different working environments, the operation platform is designed to ascend and descend by 1m.

High efficiency is achieved thanks to the hydraulic system. The blade is useful for leveling.

Design drawing

  • Top view
  • Lateral view

Application of the Hydraulic Bolting Jumbo

Technical Features
1. This jumbo possesses a compact and reasonably-designed structure with a high level of rigidity. A hydraulic control system makes it easy for underground maintenance and operation.
2. A hydraulic walking motor ensures smooth and fast movement. A cylinder is used to balance the tension of the crawler.
3. Transporting efficiency has been achieved due to the small size of the hydraulic bolting device.
4. The front support device provides a strong guarantee for mining worker safety.
5. This support machine features high efficiency, easy and safe operation with convenient maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Boom number
Cross section 33
Coverage area mm 5600×6000(±20)
Overall size mm 5700×1300×2700(±20)
Min. turning radius mm 2500
Temporary stabilization
Hole diameter mm φ27
Hole depth mm 0-18000
Drill rod mm B19
Feeding stroke mm 1650
Feeding force kN 10
Feeding speed mm/min 15000
Total installed power kw 55
Tramming speed m/min 24
Weight kg 14000
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