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WPZ-37/600 Coal mine tunnel-repair machine

WPZ-37/600 Coal mine tunnel-repair machine is Huatai self-designed and manufactured multi-function machine , absorbing advantages of similar products domestic and abroad, to meet customer’s actual demand. The tunnel-repair machine is featured of compact structure, small overall size, energy saving, low noise and high efficient. Using with scraper conveyor, would realize mechanized tunnel repairing, and speeds up repairing work. The boom of WPZ-37/600 coal mine tunnel-repair machine could roll-over 360° along the machine axis, and swings left and right each 35°(swinging range ≥5000mm), and move up and down 350mm. coupling with different attachments , the machine could meet the requirement of excavating, side digging, roll-over, rock breaking, loading, hoisting and etc. movement, and is applicable for ditching, dinting, float coal cleaning, belt bottom cleaning, tunnel trimming and small parts hoisting etc.

Technical Parameters

Bucket capacity 0.13
Max. bucket digging force kN 37
Digging width mm ≥5000
Max. digging distance mm ≥4000
Digging height mm ≥4300
Discharge height mm ≥2400
Digging depth mm ≥1100
Impact rate (Breaker) Hz 8 ~ 12(recommended) 7.5 ~ 16
Drill rod mm 53(recommended) 70
Noise level dB(A) ≤120
Turning radius mm ≤7000
Overall size, tramming mm 6800×1200×2000
Max. non-detachable part mm 2600×1200×1160
Weight kg 6500 (±325)
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